Family worries moving truck carrying mother's ashes inside won't arrive to CTX

Posted at 6:55 PM, Jun 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:31:46-04

A veteran who recently moved to Central Texas with his family is concerned he will never see his family's belongings again.

Clay Mayfield said he paid AM Movers out of Aurora, Colorado, nearly $11,000 to move his family's items to Marlin from Colorado. However, 14 days later, the shipment has still not arrived.

Mayfield moved into a home in Marlin with his stepdaughter, Tammy Nicholas, and her husband late last month.

Nicholas expected to be settled into their new place by now.

"My husband is on dialysis. He needs a bed to sleep in. He's been sleeping on the floor," Nicholas said. "My stepfather is 73-years-old and a veteran. He doesn't deserve to go through this either."

The trailer had furniture and some irreplaceable items.

"They have my mother's ashes. My mother passed away just over a year ago. All of the pictures," Nicholas said. "All the memories from when my mom was a baby.”

Mayfield also doesn't want to lose the items that remind her of the woman he loved.

“Every memory that I have of her and our life together for 34 years is on that truck," Mayfield said.

Pictures of Nicholas' father and late brother who passed away in recent years were also in the truck.

“Every family heirloom, they have it," Nicholas said.

The family said the Colorado moving company promised the truck would be at their new town by June 3.

"It didn't arrive Saturday, no phone call. It didn't arrive Sunday, no phone call," Nicholas said.

On Thursday, AM Movers Manager Sam Zoda said the shipment should be there in two to three days.

"Everything is already in transit. The driver was sick and he was stuck for three days. He is going to make his delivery today in Kansas City and he is going to be on his way to Texas," Zoda said.

However, the family is still not convinced the shipment will arrive when promised.

"They claim the truck is on the way. They claim it's going to be here on this day and it's never happened. Why should I believe it now?" Nicholas said.

Zoda said the company has a 21-day window to deliver the items, which has not passed yet.

Our sister station in Denver told us this is not the first time customers have spoken up about the company. Other customers reported late deliveries than expected and being charged double their original estimate.

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