Texas teen shot during 'You Lackin' challenge

Posted: 10:49 AM, Jun 13, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-13 15:49:49Z
Texas teen shot during 'You Lackin' challenge

A Texas teenager was treated for gunshot wounds after he was shot while playing the "You Lackin" challenge.

The challenge, also known as "No Lackin," has been surfacing around YouTube. The challenge involves one person pointing a gun at another and asks "you lackin?" The other participant then points a separate gun back and responds, "no." No one is supposed to pull the trigger during the challenge.

On June 10, Grimes County received a 911 call from a teenager saying his friend had been shot. The cell phone connection was lost during the call, but when dispatchers were able to make contact with him again, the caller said he was driving his friend to a hospital in Huntsville, Texas. 

At the hospital, the caller and his friend were met by law enforcement. The caller, identified at 17-year-old Raul Garcia Jr., was immediately taken into custody while his 16-year-old friend was taken inside for treatment.

Investigators learned Garcia and the victim obtained two pistols while driving around Richards, Texas. When the two decided to play the challenge, Garcia pointed his gun at his friend and it discharged, striking him in the face.

Garcia threw the guns out of the car window and called 911. Investigators were later able to locate the pistols used during the incident.

Garcia was taken to the Grimes County Jail on an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge.

In January, a Memphis teenager was shot in the head  after participating in the challenge.

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