Belton ISD holds Gifted and Talented summer camp

Posted at 4:56 PM, Jun 12, 2018
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While their peers are playing video games or spending the day out by the pool, 140 Belton ISD elementary and junior high students chose to stay in school for the summer.

"I am super excited for what it means for the future of Belton ISD. These students are wanting a challenge," Christina Flores, the Coordinator of Advanced Academic Services for Belton ISD, said.  

Alyssa Nickerson, a Gifted and Talented elementary camper, said she's excited to learn this summer.

"School is learning, and some kids are like, learning equals boring, but that's not me. I like learning because if people didn't learn the world, it would be a disaster," Nickerson said. 

Alyssa Nickerson is 9-years-old and will be a fifth grader in the fall.

"It's fun to play video games, but it's even more fun to play video games that you know you created," Nickerson added. 

So, whether it's computers and coding or physics, bridges and rockets, the Belton ISD Gifted and Talented camp is all about hands-on learning.

"We wanted to make sure that they're doing problem-solving and critically thinking and experiencing something that they don't normally experience during the school year," Flores added. 

Nickerson said the stuff she will learn at camp, she can't learn anywhere else. 

"You don't get taught this stuff in regular ole school, and you don't get taught this stuff at summer camps where all you're doing is swimming," Nickerson said. 

Even at a young age Nickerson and other students like Liam McRae, a Gifted and Talented junior high camper, realize the things they are learning now, will help them reach their future goals.

"Sitting around on video games isn't helping me, and I mean heck, this might get me a scholarship later in life," McRae said. 

The Gifted and Talented Camp is free and open to all gifted and talented students identified in Belton ISD exiting 3rd-8th grade. 

If you think the Belton ISD Gifted and Talented summer camp is something your kids might be interested in, be sure to keep an eye out for a letter sent home from all schools in late April, early May, of each school year.

You can also register online. 

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