Tips to stay safe during a natural disaster

Posted: 10:49 AM, Jun 08, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-08 15:57:01Z
Tips to stay safe during a natural disaster

With hurricanes as big as Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas, FEMA encourages families to create a communication plan for natural disasters.

FEMA states that electricity is often disrupted by extreme weather, and when service returns, cell phones may be overwhelmed by call volume. Creating a plan could help families reunite with loved ones if separated during a natural disaster.  

FEMA offers these tips:

1. Write down each family members cell number and email address and carry that list at all times.

2. Arrange a meeting place in case of evacuation.

3. After a disaster, text messages are more likely to connect than phone calls, if texting does not work, try emailing or posting on social media.

4. Maintaining a landline phone may be helpful in an emergency, the network may be less congested.

5. Each family member should store emergency contacts in their phones under the name “In Case of Emergency”.

6. Rehearsing the plan may ensure it runs smoothly.

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