Child sent home from school after showing support for mother with cancer

Posted at 6:30 PM, Jun 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-04 19:46:04-04

Virginia Buster said her 13-year-old son, Easton Fulton, was sent home from school for supporting her in her fight against cancer on Friday.

Buster has been going through intensive cancer treatment after being diagnosed last July. 

"They've never given me a specific term for it," Buster said. "I have brain tumors. I have tumors in the space between my lungs and I have a tumor attached to my pelvis."

Buster's family has been behind her every step of the way, taking her to appointments and providing her with plenty of love and support. 

"She means the world to me," Fulton said. "I want to do everything for her."

On Friday, Fulton was eager to show off his new haircut inspired by his mother on his last day of seventh grade.

"I shaved it Thursday night right before school for my mom because I know she's going through tough times as it is with her cancer," Fulton said. "I know she needs someone there for her."

Buster then signed his head to show her appreciation. Before school even started, Easton racked up about a dozen more signatures from his classmates.

"When I went to school, some people knew I was doing it for my mom and they decided to support her by signing my head too," Fulton said.

But Fulton never made it to class. He said the vice principal of Rosebud-Lott middle school gave him a choice, to either wash the signatures off or be sent home.

"I just didn't understand why they would want to do that," Fulton said.

Buster said the middle school didn't communicate what was going on, he just needed to be picked up from school.

"They didn't even call me to tell me that he needed to be picked up," Buster said. "It was them telling him to tell us that he needed to go home."

Buster said she was furious to hear how the situation was handled, especially since she said school officials have known about her battle with cancer for months.

"It was not rude, it was not ugly, it was not distasteful," Buster said. "It was in support of his sick mother."

While Fulton would've preferred to spend his final day of the school year surrounded by friends, he said he would do it all over again.

"I was happy that I stuck with it and didn't let down those people who would've seen me wash my head because it was not right for me to do that," Fulton said.

Central Texas News Now reached out to the Rosebud-Lott superintendent who has yet to respond on the matter. 

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