20-month-old taken off life support is laid to rest

Posted at 5:24 PM, May 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-22 18:33:04-04

Mira Grace McCollum was laid to rest after her funeral service in Waco on Tuesday, and may now rest in peace.

The 20-month-old accidentally fell in her family pool on Monday night and passed away Thursday morning after being taken off life support.

Mira's parents, Sasha and John McCollum, made her funeral at the Greater Waco Baptist Church open to the public. 

The parking lot was nearly filled with loved ones who traveled from across the country to honor Mira.

"It's been very overwhelming with love from everybody," Sasha said. "We've had complete strangers call us at the hospital while we were there just to pray for us. We had people drive hours and hours to come pray for us and love us and it's just been really incredible."

Her father John, said everyone coming out in support was heartwarming. 

"Almost difficult to fathom how many people were involved with Mira's life and loved her," John said. "The most uplifting little girl you could imagine. She was happy and stubborn and just a very wonderful child."

Mira is the youngest of her three siblings, all boys, who are having a difficult time coping with her death.

"She was our miracle baby, we had five boys and I had miscarried twins the year before her and then we found out we were pregnant," Sasha said. "We were kind of teasing that it would be a miracle if we had a girl, so when she was born and she was a girl, we named her Mira Grace after miracle." 

Mira's parents describe her as their perfect princess, an angel who could brighten anyone's day. They said her light will live on in the hearts of many.

"It may have been a short time, but every day we had with her was pretty amazing," Sasha said.

Unicorn pins were handed out to those who attended Mira's funeral. Sasha said the unicorn symbolizes Mira being their miracle baby. She said she wanted to give out the pins so that she could see a splash of color, a splash of Mira, during the service.

The family will be taking some time away from the city to try and find some peace in the coming days.

GoFundMe has been set up for the McCollum family.

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