Central Texas doctor predicts worst allergy season in over 10 years

Posted at 7:45 AM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 14:06:08-04

Allergy season is here, and one Central Texas doctor says it may end up being the worst one in over a decade.

"It seems like with the beautiful wind and the summer sun coming on, we’re finding tons of allergies, especially trees," Dr. Tim Martindale of Providence Family Medical Clinic in Waco said. "Trees are extremely high right now and there is a lot of pollen out there, and dust is always out there, so we’re at one of the roughest seasons ever."

Dr. Martindale also gave advice on if you should see your doctor about your allergies.

"We just finished flu season just a few weeks ago, where we had to see a doctor, and now we’re in the middle of allergy season, where we usually suggest you don’t really need to see a doctor. It can make it hard to know what to do," Dr. Martindale said.

He stressed that using protection outdoors, like a mask, can help with allergy flare-ups. He also said that nose rinses that use a little bit of saline solution can dislodge the particles that can cause an allergy cascade, and that many types of over-the-counter products, from anti-histamines and steroid sprays, can also help.

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