VIDEO: Employees attempt to remove snake from ceiling fan at Waco restaurant

Posted at 4:08 PM, May 14, 2018


If you have been on Facebook lately, it is clear that snakes are out and about in Texas. We shared a story detailing what to do when you encounter a snake in Texas, and we received tons of photos from our viewers of their own snake sightings. 

One customer at the Backyard recorded a video of employees attempting to remove a snake from a ceiling fan at the business on Saturday.

The customer, Maria Ochoa, recorded a video where an employee is seen attempting to remove the snake. He is standing on a table working on unwrapping the snake from the fan. 

At first, the employee attempts to pull down the snake with his hand, and then he uses the assistance of a broom. The entire time patrons at the restaurant are screaming.

When both of those things fail, another employee tries again to use his bare hands to grab the snake. He grabs the snake by its head and pulls him off the fan to release him outside. 

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