Killeen ISD superintendent talks bond election

Posted at 6:20 PM, May 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:10-04

With only a few days until Election Day, one Central Texas superintendent walked Central Texas News Now through a couple of campuses to point out what exactly people will be voting on.

Early voting has ended and with nearly 4,000 votes, it was the largest turnout in a decade for Killeen ISD.

Although Superintendent John Craft is pleased with the early voting numbers, he wants to make sure those who have yet to place their vote, are as educated as possible.

"We want to definitely ensure that we're doing everything we can to let our parents know and our community know this is what is being proposed," Superintendent Craft said. 

So what is being proposed?

A $426 million bond program which includes new construction, renovations and enhanced security throughout Killeen ISD. 

Superintendent John Craft took Central Texas News Now to two different schools to show why he feels this bond will benefit the school district. 

The first stop was Harker Heights High School.

"The portable buildings, unfortunately, have to be utilized to accommodate the overflow or additional students that we're not able to fit into the regular envelope of our high schools," Superintendent Craft added. 

There's a total of 290 portables across the district. 

"When you just think about through the sheer transitioning again to and from portables inside and outside of the building envelope, there is a safety concern," Superintendent Craft said.

But, if the propositions aren't passed, not only will that safety concern remain, but even more portables might be needed, especially at Harker Heights High School. 

"We anticipate that with each year as this particular campus grows, we will be utilizing student parking, which you see out in front of the high school, to accommodate additional portable buildings," Superintendent Craft added.

 The second stop was Skipcha Elementary, one of the few schools with the enhanced security Superintendent Craft would like to see at all of his campuses. 

"Once the visitor enters the first set of doors, you can see the second set of doors is locked," Superintendent Craft said. 

So, Superintendent Craft encourages everyone to get out and vote.

"Please come out and express your preference as to again how we shape the future of the school district," Superintendent Craft added. 

For more information on where you can vote Election Day Saturday, May 5, click here.

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