Waco resident reacts to new location of fire station

Posted at 7:43 PM, May 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-01 21:05:13-04

On Tuesday evening, the Waco City Council approved plans to purchase the historic 25th Street Theater as the new location for Waco Fire Station 6.

Bertha Chavez owns a bakery across the street from the old theater.

Chavez has lived in the in the Brookview area of Waco for more than 25 years and has even gone to movies in that theater.

She hopes the move will give the neighborhood a boost.

"With the fire station there, I think more businesses and restaurants could come along with the community."

Waco Fire Chief Bobby Tatum is hoping for the same effect.

"By moving the fire station to that community it will spur economic growth there, there will be other business that will fill comfortable moving there with the fire station and other public safety in the area," said Tatum.

The 5.1 million dollar deal will take an estimated 2 years to complete, according to Tatum.

Because the theater holds a warm spot in the hearts of Wacoans, fire officials are looking for ways to preserve the building.

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