Inventory system could help law enforcement agencies recover stolen items

Posted at 6:17 PM, Apr 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:31:41-04

A Central Texas Police Department is recommending its residents to use an inventory system that helps keep track of their valuables, in case they are ever stolen. 

Morgan's Point Resort Police Chief Charles A. Cline said the online tool ReportIt, can help registered users store information about their items, including make, model, serial number and pictures.

"We have people come in saying 'I had someone break into my house and my DVD player and stuff and we ask them for serial number or what kind it was and they don't know,'" Cline said.

If residents lose any valuables, they can give the details stored on the free online system to police.

“Without that information, it’s hard for us to track it. We can’t find it in a pawn shop. The ReportIt system is also good because you can take photographs of the items and attach that to the item on the ReportIt System," Cline said.

Morgan's Point Resort Resident Jennifer Feuerstein who keeps some of her children's toys on her front porch doesn't believe they would be stolen in her neighborhood.

“It's just a really good, decent neighborhood to live in. That’s why we have lived here for so long," Feuerstein said.

However, after learning about the online tool, the mother of three said she may use it.

“I would consider doing that in the future to be on the safe side. It seems like a really cool thing," Feuerstein said.

 The information included in the ReportIt site, which is operated by LeadsOnline, can only be viewed by the account holder. 

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