Malnourished animals seized in Central Texas on the road to recovery

Posted at 10:45 AM, Apr 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-01 08:11:57-04

Some animals discovered malnourished are on the road to recovery. 

On March 29, 42 malnourished animals were seized near China Spring.  They were recovered from a property on the 2400 block of Bend of the Bosque Road. 

On April 6, there was another animal seizure in Bruceville-Eddy.  Twenty animals were taken from the 1000 block of Agnes Wills Road.  We now have a look at how some of those animals are now doing. 

Clarence Holder and Sylvia Steele were hired to get some of these animals seized nursed back to health.

“You can see they're so used to us because we feed them twice a day, they used to not come to us," Steele said.

In fact, they've handled about a dozen animal seizures in Central Texas and each time, they say it's heartbreaking

“It tears me up, it makes me feel real sad,” Steele said.

"I make sure we have help from the local veterinary because I want to make sure these animals get back to where they should be,” Holder said.

Some of the animals didn't make it and passed away.  But for those still left, some of them turn more like family for Holder and Steele.

“A lot of animals grow on you like people, you know what I’m saying,” Holder said.

“Yes, it's hard, it's hard to give them back,” Steele said.

Holder says they have seven horses from the Bruceville-Eddy incident.  They also have two horses and eight head of cattle from the seizure near China Spring.

As for what's next for the animals, he says that's up to the judge.  In both cases, charges have been filed.

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