Central Texas pastor recalls his time as a journalist during the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Posted at 6:21 PM, Apr 04, 2018
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Hundreds of people gathered across Central Texas on Wednesday to remember the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was killed 50 years ago.

One of those events was at 8th St., Baptist Church in Temple.

To commemorate the day, the church rang its bells 50 times, one ring for each year since the assassination.

People there also told stories about what they remember from that dark day 50-years ago.

Church pastor Roscoe Harrison spoke about covering the assassination and King's funeral as a journalist for Jet Magazine.

Long before Roscoe Harrison was a Pastor, he was a journalist for Jet Magazine.

The magazine put together a commemorative issue the weekend Dr. King was killed and Harrison worked on it.

Pastor Harrison was the Associate Editor of Jet Magazine on April 4, 1968, the day Martin Luther King Jr. was killed.

"I covered the assassination and the funeral," Harrison said.

That day was only two weeks after Pastor Harrison met him, which is why he felt like he needs to commemorate this day 50 years later.

"I think today is a very important day because first I cannot believe it's been fifty years, but I think that Dr. Martin Luther King should never be forgotten," Harrison said.

Harrison said to him it won't be, as it marks one of the biggest moments of his life and his career as a journalist.

"It was a big funeral and it drew a big crowd and they took his body out to the cemetery in a wagon. A mule-drawn wagon to show humility. It was a very moving experience and one I will never forget."

Another moment he will never forget is the moment he met Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"I had an opportunity to meet him and that was awesome. Very warm and to me a very down to earth person." Harrison said. 

A very down to earth person that Harrison said should be remembered, even 50 years after his death.

Pastor Harrison also fought to get the name of the street his church is on changed from 8th street to Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Drive.

The city did make that change several years ago and Harrison said he takes great pride in that.

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