Copperas Cove OC leaves brother and school for Lake Worth head job

Copperas Cove OC leaves brother and school for Lake Worth head job
Posted at 4:28 PM, Apr 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-03 17:28:56-04

After more than 30 years working with his brother Jack, Tracy Welch decided to step out of the nest and become the next head football coach and athletics director at Lake Worth High School.

Tracy played for his brother, coached with him at the junior college level, and 24 years ago the pair started the rebuilding job of Copperas Cove football.

"We went 5-3-1 in the first year and you would've thought we won the Super Bowl," Tracy said with a smile, "We firmly believe the harder you work, the harder it is for you to surrender."

With more than 20 years in coaching, other jobs have surely come up, but Tracy said none of them felt right.

"I had offers from the Big 8, back when the Big 12 wasn't 12 yet, and then Conference USA. But, you have to walk a mile in those moccasins. College coaches, you talk about recruiting, it never stops. This weekend my daughter has a game in San Antonio and I'll be there. College coaches will be on the field for spring ball."

So what changed his mind about Lake Worth?

"Well, Jack and I go to the same church and we prayed on it and decided it was time. Plus, I grew up around there."

Tracy will take an offense that averaged close to 28 points per game last season to the Metroplex, and that was considered a down year. But, he's not saying he can do the job himself.

"I'm not a big believer in 'I.' I'm a 'we,' guy. So we'll have to get in there and solidify the type of program we want to have at Lake Worth."

So who is we? Are coaches going to be leaving Cove to go with the other brother?

"I just signed the contract this morning," Tracy said with a laugh, "Some folks have expressed interest in coming with me, but they're not under contract so I can't say anything about that. I will say this, Jack has done a whole lot for me and I wouldn't do anything to hurt the Copperas Cove football program."

As for the bulldogs, they're in the market for a new OC, but Tracy thinks it won't take long for his brother to make a decision.

"When you've had the same guys for 24, 25 years and had success you don't need to change much."

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