Fort Hood Soldiers fall victim to motorcycle thefts

Posted at 5:09 PM, Mar 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:08-04

Officials on Fort Hood are warning soldiers and the public about a potential motorcycle theft ring that is hitting Central Texas.

They're targeting newer Harley Davidsons, and at least six Fort Hood soldiers have had their bikes stolen.

The thieves are acting in broad daylight which has people worried, and authorities on high alert.

March 22 started like any other work day for Staff Sergeant Nicholas Langfield. He parked his motorcycle and went about his day, but something happened. 

"Came back out at 5:15, and the bike was gone," SSG Langfield said. 

His red 2017 Harley Davidson was stolen. 

"It only had about 684 miles on it, it's pretty much brand new," SSG Langfield added. 

But, SSG Langfield isn't the only victim of motorcycle theft.

"We're looking at six different cases right now. It's still an ongoing investigation," Lt. Andrew Samarripa of the Directorate of Emergency Services on Fort Hood, said. 

Fort Hood police say the bikes being targeted are Harley Davidsons which they expect will be stripped for two large-scale motorcycle swap meets across the state. 

"Those parts are valuable. They can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars by just parting those cycle parts out," Lt. Samarripa added.  

"I was very shocked to hear number one, there's a motorcycle theft ring operating on post," Loyal Van Dyke said.  

Van Dyke works at the III Corps Headquarters. 

"I thought here we are, III Corps parking lot, cameras, center of the known universe, we would have no problems with theft. Apparently, I was woefully mistaken," Van Dyke added. 

He just upgraded his ride.

"I traded that one in and I got a 2018 Fat Boy. So, I've had this bike about a week and two days," Van Dyke said.  

Van Dyke said he normally leaves his helmet and vest on his bike, but not anymore. 

"My mentality is now a lot different coming to post everyday than it used to be," Van Dyke added. 

Fort Hood police suggest all motorcycle riders take extra precaution when locking their bikes and advise looking into adding a GPS tracking system. 

If you have any information on the six cases, call police. 

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