Man leaves two notes before killing himself, wife in first murder-suicide in Hewitt's history

Posted at 1:49 PM, Mar 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:31:31-04

Hewitt police found two notes left by an elderly man when they discovered the man and his wife dead in their home on Monday morning. This is the city's first murder-suicide investigation. 

Police said 76-year-old Robert Hahn and 73-year-old Barbara Hahn were found in the 1100 block of Steamboat Drive after a family member called the police. The family member went to the house to check on the couple and discovered a note on the inside the garage that read, "Do not enter, call Hewitt police."

When police arrived, they found Barbara shot once in the back of the head and lying on the couch. Robert was found in the master bathroom shower with one shot to the head. 

"This is pretty horrific. Our hearts definitely go out to the family members. This is a tough case. We may never know the real reasons behind it," Hewitt Police Chief James Devlin said.

According to Devlin, in a second note, the husband mentioned having domestic issues that could not be solved and admitted to killing his wife and planning to commit suicide after. The written letter also gave information about the gun used and its location, which he said was the only one inside the home.

"There is usually something sticks out in most cases like this but this one was completely out of blue for the families. It was not indicative of the behavior of these individuals," Devlin said.

Police believe the wife was shot on Saturday, and the man shot himself sometime after that. 

Richard and Sherry Havens who live in the neighborhood were shocked to learn about the murder-suicide happening in the quiet area.

"Total shock. It's such a family neighborhood," Sherry Havens said.

They both said they wish it would have never happened.

"It's very sad that it happened at all. We would have prayers for the family and friends," Sherry said.

Hewitt police said it is also the first murder investigation in the city since 1996. 

"You are never prepared for any cases like this. This one is a devastating one," Devlin said.

The police department plans to provide any assistance the family and his officers need during this time.

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