Creators commence, bring collaboration to Waco's creative scene

Posted at 12:56 PM, Mar 23, 2018
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It began with an idea. Or a need. Both, if you ask the organizers of Collide Waco. 

For Ryan Thomas, co-organizer, the need was clear for an outlet for collaboration between the city's creatives. 

"[Collide] is a place and space for creatives in the city to cultivate collaboration with one another," Thomas said. 

Collide's official launch was on Friday, March 23 at the historic church 2nd and Clay. Originally, Collide was put together as a party to gauge the interest of the community. The party saw 100 guests go through its door - a clear indicator of public interest for the organizers who are artists, musicians, businessmen and women from the area. 

The common perception of a creative has historically stood for someone who creates art, makes music, but in the new age, Thomas disagrees.

"What creating is, is literally, from within you. You create something based on your competency, your abilities," Thomas said. 

Thomas, self-described as one of the collective's pioneers, serves as an organizer and a hip-hop artist and said the possibilities are endless when creatives...collide. 

The event will be an open event for the public, with a mix of collaboration and vendors from the Waco area, an opportunity for networking. How often the event will occur is still in the works. 

"Everyone on Collide...we love everyone," Thomas said. "There is no one excluded from how pumped we are about celebrating creatives, giving them a safe place and a hub." 

The launch will be at 600 S. 2nd Street in Waco. Follow Collide on social media for future events. 

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