Groesbeck police find skimming device at gas station

Posted at 2:56 PM, Mar 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-21 15:56:54-04

The Groesbeck Police Department said they found a skimming device at a local gas station on Wednesday. 

Officers received a report of the possible device and when they arrived they found an internal skimmer placed inside of one of the pumps. 

The skimmer was undetectable to customers or store employees. 

The device was found during a maintenance event. The device was removed and all other pumps were checked. No other devices were found. 

Officers encourage customers to pay inside if possible.

If you must use the gas pump card reader, check to see if the security strip is intact. 

 The security strip is often cut with a razor blade which makes it difficult to detect the broke strip at a glance. 

Use the pumps closest to the store as they seem to be tampered with the least. Use your cell phone to check for any unusual Bluetooth connections. Check your credit card or bank statements regularly for any fraudulent activity. 

Police said the store is not being identified as the investigation continues but ask customers to check their financial statements and contact police if you believe you have been a victim of skimming. You are asked to call police at 254-729-3497.

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