WACO: Apply to get your roof fixed for free

WACO: Apply to get your roof fixed for free
Posted at 4:53 PM, Mar 19, 2018

You have another chance to get your roof fixed for free in Waco.

The Waco Community Development Corporation is accepting applications for its second phase of a roof repair program.

Executive Director Mike Stone said it is free for low-income families in the city.He said crews already fixed 22 roofs in the first phase, and they expect to be able to do about 10 more during the second.

Stone said he has seen many families using tubs and buckets to catch water from leaking roofs.

That is a short-term fix that Stone said can lead to a long-term problem.

"You know a lot of these houses have roof leaks and if they don't get them fixed in a couple of years, it's going to rot the inside of their house and it will get condemned and torn down. So it's very important that we're able to save the houses," Stone said.

He said they will start evaluating homes and applications in April and then choose which roofs to repair.

There are income limits for this program.

Stone said you can apply online or at the office at 1624 Colcord Avenue in Waco. You may also call him at (254) 235-7358 ext 206.

You have until April 6 to turn in your applications.

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