West community holds benefit for 2-year-old fighting cancer

Posted at 6:45 PM, Mar 10, 2018
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The community in West is helping one of their own in her fight against cancer.

Two-year-old Avery Stone and her family found out she had a brain tumor on Christmas Day.  Her parents, Brooke and Luke, said she had some previously unexplained health problems. 

"She was car sick at first but then she was getting sick at the house too. And then we were getting concerned," Brooke Stone, Avery's mom, said.

Brooke and Luke said her symptoms got worse, but doctor's couldn't figure out what the problem was. It wasn't until Christmas Day that doctor's did a CT scan.

"At the time we all thought, let's just rule that out so we can take it off the table. And then it came back and there it was," Brooke said.

Doctors found a golf ball sized tumor on the back lower left part of Avery's brain. Doctors say the cancer she is fighting is rare.

"They just told you your worst nightmare is coming true and you have to be strong for your kid and for each other, but you have this news and it's what you fear as a parents," Brooke said.

Avery had the tumor removed and just completed two rounds of chemotherapy.

"Avery is tough," Luke Stone, Avery's dad, said. "She's probably one of the most resilient girls we've ever seen."

Brooke and Luke Stone said it has been a tough couple of months for their family, but their community's support has helped them immensely. 

"I don't even know where to begin to start to pay people back for this," Luke Stone said.

"You know when you say thank you, it's not enough. You just don't even know how to say what you mean. You just want to wrap everyone in a hug," Brooke Stone said.

On Sunday, March 11, their friends and family held a benefit for Avery Stone to help the family with the growing medical costs.

"Anytime anyone in our community needs anything, we immediately go to a benefit," Misty Kaska, the Avery Stone Benefit Chairman, said.

Kaska and Brooke have been friends since they were kids. Kaska said she's watched the family battle this and wanted to find some way to help.

"We cannot help her medically. This is all I can do," Kaska said.

The benefit was held at KC Hall in West on Sunday. Hundreds of people filled the hall to eat, buy raffle tickets and bid on different auction items.

"Overwhelming: that's what comes to mind," Luke said. "The amount of people who have stepped up to help us is unbelievable."

"We really hope that someday we're in the position to give back to somebody else who needs it," Brooke said.

Until then, they are continuing to fight the cancer and encouraging others to fight for their kids. 

"You have to advocate for them. You have to be the person for them that stands up for them," Luke said. "We would've never found this if it wasn't for Brooke pushing for them to find something."

Avery will go through six weeks of radiation and then two more rounds of chemotherapy. She is going through a St. Jude Trial, so she will be fighting this into the next year.

There is a GoFundMe page set up to help the family. There is also an account called the Avery Stone Benefit Fund set up at the State National Bank in West for donations.

There is also a P.O. Box set up for anyone who wishes to send cards, letters, donations or just well wishes to sweet Avery:

Avery Stone
P.O. Box 163
West, TX 76691

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