Central Texas toddler has risky brain procedure in NYC

Posted at 4:00 PM, Feb 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:07-04

Central Texas News Now first introduced you to Brody Farmer, a two-year-old from Lampasas who was diagnosed with a rare and potentially deadly medical condition in Jan.

Thursday, Brody had a six-hour surgery in New York City meant to increase his chances of survival.

While doctors say it went well, they didn't expect to find what they did.

Brody was originally diagnosed with one AVM, but doctors are now saying he has two, both of which have weak spots, meaning Brody is at an even greater risk of having a second, life-threatening bleed. 

"No parent wants to hear that. No parent wants to have to worry about anything with their child. But, this doctor just has reinsured us that he knows what he's doing. He still doesn't seem scared to take on Brody's case. He's positive, and he's showing us that he's willing to do it, so we're willing to come each and every time," Brennan Overocker, Brody's mother, said. 

The Farmer family is set to return home to Texas on Sunday.

Brody will return to New York City for a second procedure to finish "fixing" his left AVM in May.

There will also be future visits to his doctor in New York City to manage his second AVM on the right side of his brain. 

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