Temple fourth grader uses passion project to help homeless community

Posted at 6:08 AM, Feb 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-22 07:48:22-05

Dontez Brown is in fourth grade at Raye-Allen Elementary School in Temple and he's got a passion for helping those in need.

"At the first of the year, they were given a passion project and we discussed different things that he might be passionate about and this was the one that he almost immediately came upon," Brown's teacher, Susie Contreras said.

So Brown made it his mission to make that happen, one blanket at a time.

"This was the only thing I thought of," Brown said. "The homeless are just the people without a home and I think they should be treated like everyone else."

In one month Brown, with the help of the community, collected 50 blankets to donate to Churches Touching Lives for Christ, an organization dedicated to help those in need.

"He wants to make sure that everybody has a piece of home, whether they actually have a home or not and he felt like the blankets and things like that would give them that comfort," Contreras said.

So one bag at a time, Brown dropped the blankets off at CTLC and though he expected nothing in return, the Executive Director Jim Hornsby gave him these kind words:

"Thank you very much. I am very proud of you son," Hornsby said.

Brown will continue collecting donations for his project through April.

"This month we're doing the hygiene products and next month we are doing the easy-open foods," Brown said.

And if you'd like to donate you can take them up to the school or contact his teacher at

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