Rogers ISD asks community to be cautious of spreading school shooting rumors

Posted at 3:28 PM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 16:52:03-05

Rogers Independent School District is asking students, parents and people in general, to be cautious about sharing information or rumors they hear that have not been verified of shooting threats. 

The school district said a rumor quickly spread about a student threatening to shoot up a school. 

Two students went up to a teacher telling her they saw a student draw a picture of a gun and a classroom. 

Two teachers went up to the student in question and asked him about the situation. 

The student was forthcoming and showed them the drawings. 

The gun was a very rudimentary drawing that he had done a long time ago. 

The box the girls described as a classroom, was actually a 2" X 2" box the student had drawn in class while explaining to another student something about Minecraft, a video game. 

When the teacher talked to the two students who initially reported it and asked them if they actually saw him draw the gun, they said “No.”

When she recreated the box drawing they initially described as a classroom, they did see him draw that but didn’t understand it was related to Minecraft.

The two students verified that they did not specifically hear the student make any comments.

Other students were questioned and not one student verified that they heard the student say anything even remotely related to bringing a gun to school or shooting up the school. 

The Rogers ISD superintendent said this initial story has turned into something completely different than what it was.

It has reached social media, students have texted their parents that someone has threatened to shoot up the school. 

The original information was checked out and there is absolutely no threat to this situation.

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