Community participates in active shooter training in light of Florida high school shooting

Community participates in active shooter training in light of Florida high school shooting
Posted at 6:24 PM, Feb 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-15 19:32:53-05

Another shooting has left 17 people dead at a high school in South Florida. It's a chilling reminder to the entire country that this can happen anywhere.

The Limestone County Sheriff's Office is teaming up with the Groesbeck Chamber of Commerce to prepare business owners for the worst case scenario.

"Even our small communities that we thought, you know, maybe 10 years ago were safe from these things, obviously are not anymore," said Kathy Jackson, Groesbeck business owner. "It's sad what this world has come to."

"Most everybody knows how we respond, or they have an idea from what they've seen on TV, but they don't know what they should do and we wanted to educate the public on some of the things they should do and look at and prepare for," said Captain Lee Cox with the Limestone County Sheriff's Office.

It's just a coincidence that this training falls one day after another tragedy.

Ken Givens, president of the Groesbeck Chamber of Commerce, said they've been planning this event ever since the church shooting in South Texas back in November.

"Is it timely? Yes. Is it topical? Yes," Givens said. "It's important and I'm so sorry that it happened yesterday but it does point out the need for this type of education."

Nearly 100 people showed up to learn the do's and don'ts in an active shooter situation.

"Fear is not the way to run your life.This is now empowering," Givens said. "We have information and we can move with it. Instead of being fearful of the unknown, we now know what we can do in a situation like this."

Captain Cox made it extremely clear that the choices are to run, hide or fight. He stressed having an escape plan and knowing where your exits are at all times. If running is not an option, you should lock the door or block the entry to your hiding place. Fighting is a last resort, but if you have to, you should improvise weapons and commit to your actions. 

It's useful advice many in attendance wish they never needed to know.

"They could come in, if they're in a heated moment and we're all right there," Jackson said. "I just want to be prepared in the event that something like that happens to keep my employees safe."

If would like help creating your escape plan, you can contact Limestone County Sheriff's Office at 254-729-3278. You can also contact the Groesbeck Police Department at 254-729-3497.    

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