Former UFC fighter trains soldiers on close combat fighting techniques

Posted at 2:45 PM, Feb 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:06-04

A Mixed Martial Arts fighter shared tips and tricks to prepare Fort Hood soldiers for combat situations overseas.

"You never know what's gonna happen. You're gonna have all types of different people coming at you," Spc. Garrett Port said. 

Our nation's soldiers train to stay ready and resilient... and part of that training is knowing how to fight in combat.

"It's important downrange for protection. You want to be able to keep yourself safe and come back home to your family," Sgt. Kalinda Ortiz said. 

Josh Koscheck is on a mission to help our Soldiers do just that.

"Anytime I can get out here to spend time with Soldiers, it's always good too, you know, reiterate to them the importance of combative, the importance of being aware because when they're overseas, there's a lot of dangers," Josh Koscheck, a former UFC fighter, said. 

During his career as a UFC fighter, Koscheck had the opportunity to fight for the Marines and Soldiers at different military bases across the country.

"The moves that we do inside the cage, inside the octagon, inside our training, can keep these guys safe downrange," Koscheck added. 

Now, Koscheck travels to military installations and trains Soldiers on combat fighting techniques... demonstrating how his moves are applicable in war-like situations.

"I watched him fight growing up, and it's cool that he can show from his perspective just how he's a Soldier," Spc. Port added. 

Had Koscheck not received a college wrestling scholarship, he said he would've joined the military.

"Now that I didn't get the chance to go join the military, it's part of me giving back and continuing to serve our country in a different way," Koscheck said. 

Josh Koscheck fought professionally for 12 years. He said his most memorable fight was at Fort Bragg, a military installation in North Carolina, where he raised $4 million to support the Department of Defense. 

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