Waco firefighters to teach Compression Only CPR throughout February

Posted at 9:45 PM, Feb 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 23:39:49-05

The Waco Fire Department is teaming up with the Heart of Texas Regional Advisory Council (HOTRAC) to teach the community about Compression Only CPR.

Every Saturday throughout the month of February, firefighters will teach people how to effectively do Compression Only CPR.

"Forty-percent of people who receive on-scene CPR, immediate CPR, witness CPR have a better outcome when they arrive in the emergency room," Waco Fire Chief Bobby Tatum said.

Greg Brumit, pastor at Kendrick Lane Baptist Church in Waco, was lucky enough to have someone perform CPR on him when he had a heart attack last February.

Brumit was running an after-school program he hosts at the church once a week for local kids. Baylor students help with the program, too.

"Most of the kids had gone home and most of the Baylor students had left. But one- Omar. He was still here and we were walking along the sidewalk here and I told him I didn't feel very good and just dropped," Brumit explained.

Omar told Central Texas News Now on the phone today that he immediately called 911 and dispatchers walked him through how to give CPR.

"His CPR kept me going for a while," Brumit said.

Tatum said immediate CPR is a life-saver.

"That made [Brumit] a better patient when he got to the emergency room because he still had circulation going and he was able to receive life-saving treatment as a result," Tatum said.

Omar was recognized by the Waco Fire Department for his life-saving efforts.

A year later, Brumit is still running the after school program and continues to serve as pastor of the church.

"That helped me to have continued life and ministry here at the church and in the neighborhood," Brumit said.

Local firefighters, EMS personnel and nurses will be training the public at the following times and locations:

  • Feb. 3: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Waco Fire Station #1 at100 Peach Street in Waco.
  • Feb. 10: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Waco Fire Station #2 at 2625 Park Lake in Waco.
  • Feb. 17: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Waco Fire Station #11 at 7600 Imperial Drive in Waco.
  • Feb. 24: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Waco Fire Station #14 at 5401 Speegleville Road in Waco.

There will also be a health fair on Feb. 17 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Fire Station #9 at 315 New Road.

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