Fort Hood soldier makes cover of Men's Health magazine

Posted at 10:44 AM, Jan 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:06-04

The latest edition of Men's Health Magazine hits shelves next week featuring one of our very own Fort Hood Soldiers. 

First Sergeant Diamond Ott makes working out look easy. 

"I just want people to challenge themselves because that's how I got to where I'm at," 1SG Ott said. 

Ott has 290,000 followers on Instagram, workout videos that have gone viral and now the cover of Men's Health.

"I would've never thought I'd be on a platform as such as Men's Health," Ott added. 

Hitting the stands Feb. 6th will be the first tactical issue of Men's Health ever, and 1SG Ott and the 1st Cavalry Division patch will be front and center.  

"I just want them to see the uniform, that it represents the military, the armed forces," Ott said. 

Ott said his goal is to help his Soldiers stay fit and ready, and he's able to do just that as a new deputy commandant for Fort Hood's Resiliency Campus.  

"I'm looking to launch a supplemental physical fitness program here at the Resiliency Campus. It'll focus more on the Soldiers that need to improve their Army Physical Fitness Test and maintain the Army Body Composition Program standards," Ott added. 

So, as the magazine lands in people's mailboxes and on coffee tables across the nation, he hopes people realize... 

"Regardless if it's fitness, health or work wise, the Soldiers are out there getting after it," Ott said.  

And his advice to you... the one debating whether or not you could do what he does... 

"You just have to show up, that's the hard part."

Ott said when the magazine hits stands on Tuesday he'll buy one issue so he can mail it to his parents in the American Samoa. 

In the magazine, Ott discusses how he gets his soldiers in shape. He also shares his full-body and cardio workouts he's created. He also mentions the fitness competitions he's organized to build camaraderie, and how he started his fitness journey and more.   

The Tactical Issue features top military men to share their fitness tips, product picks and hard-won life lessons that readers can use on the field. 

The March 2018 issue will be on stands on Feb. 6.

To read his entire interview, click here. 

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