Video: Man delivering Whataburger realizes his mistake after ringing doorbell at home of sleeping baby

Posted at 4:54 PM, Jan 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-30 18:12:31-05

A San Antonio food delivery man made the ultimate mistake - waking up a sleeping baby. 

Courtney Taylor posted on Facebook that she had just got a brand new sign on her door that asks people not to ring the doorbell because there is a sleeping baby inside.

However, a Favor delivery driver accidentally missed the memo. 

The now viral video shows the driver walking up with the prized possession, Whataburger, and then promptly ringing the doorbell. You can see the driver notice the sign on the door, realize what he has done and face-palm. 

The video cuts off at this point, but you can see the delivery driver begin to apologize. 

Taylor joked about the video on Facebook, saying, "So earlier this week I got a sign for my door. Then this just happened (yes, I got Whataburger delivered) poor guy!"

Taylor added that the doorbell did not actually wake the baby, so no harm was done in this delivery of Texans' favorite burger.

The delivery company, Favor, sent Taylor a box of goodies to apologize for the doorbell ringing. 

They sent a card that said, "Thanks for being a loyal Favor customer! Apologies for any potential headaches the doorbell incident might have caused."

Whataburger also sent an apology basket to the family.

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