Military father surprises daughter at school after year deployment

Posted at 4:04 AM, Jan 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-25 06:35:18-05

Sometimes silence says everything and in this sweet reunion between a soldier and his daughter, that's exactly what happened.

Captain Shavayey Cato has been in Kuwait for a year, but now he is back on American soil and had one very important stop to make.

His daughter, 8-year-old Allyson is a second grader at Willow Springs Elementary in Killeen. On Wednesday, she was working on math problems, but little did she know, she was about to have one of her own problems solved.

So while she sat in the hallway with her classmates like it was a normal Wednesday morning, her father was finally back in the same zip code and standing right around the corner.

"I just wanted this day to come because I really wanted to see her," Cpt. Cato said.

And even though he was eager to wrap his arms around his baby girl, he wanted to do it in a very special way so he started planning.

"I told her that I would be here in February so we had it all planned out and I just got on a plane a couple days ago and we flew from Kuwait to Dallas," Cpt. Cato added.

And from Dallas Captain Cato made the best trip he's had in a long time - the trip that put his family back together.

"There is no place like home and there is no place like spending time with your babies," Cpt. Cato said.

Captain Shavayey said he is excited to make memories with his daughter thanks to six flags and sea world season passes.

And while his daughter was a little camera shy, she did mention off-camera that she was very excited he was home.

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