CTX photographer starts Waco photo series

Posted at 2:31 PM, Jan 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-23 15:38:37-05

As a photographer, Trilby Trayler knows there's always a story behind the picture.

The winter is usually slow for her photography business, which is why she's using this time to start a project aimed at changing perspectives in our community.

"I'm hoping to inspire people through the writings and for them to look at people differently," said Trayler.

Trayler created the Waco Winter Project after being inspired by a popular blog called Humans of New York. It's a blog that features thousands of interviews with people in New York City.

"I'm just a regular person that wants to tell other people's stories, so I just kind of let God lead the way," said Trayler.

Trayler is traveling the streets around Waco, looking for people with stories to share. Her interviewees range from a doctor with a seemingly perfect life to the man living on the streets. 

Trayler said there's no method to where she travels. She goes wherever she feels led to, whether that be a coffee shop or park.

"Every time that I interview someone, I get in my car and think, 'this is why I'm supposed to do this,'" said Trayler. 

She hopes her listening ear will lead others to not judge a book by its cover.

"If people can just look beyond the outward shell of what you're wearing, what you're driving, what you live in, what your status is and really get to know someone, there's gold there," said Trayler.

Trayler said she will interview one person each week from now until March 20. She'll update her blog every Tuesday with a new photo and story.

You can check out the Waco Winter Project here.

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