Rare Bowie knife donated to Texas Ranger Hall of Fame Museum

Posted at 8:31 PM, Jan 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-18 21:31:06-05

A piece of Texas history is now in the hands of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame Museum.

A bowie knife, attributed to Jim Bowie's big brother Rezin Bowie, was donated to the museum over the holidays by a man in Pennsylvania. Texas Ranger Hall of Fame Director Byron Johnson said it is one of four knives associated with Jim Bowie or his brother that have survived.

The knife's scabbard has an engraving on it saying "R.P. Bowie to Captain W. MY Lacey." The knife is a 17-inch long 1830-1840s style Bowie knife.

According to the museum, James "Jim" Bowie, who died at the Alamo, made the Bowie knife famous in the "Sandbar Fight" duel he fought in 1827.

The museum has been researching the authenticity of the knife and believes Rezin gave the knife as a gift.

“This Bowie knife is one he gave to a person who had become a captain of the Texas Rangers. Rezin Bowie just like his brother Jim Bowie was in Texas and we think that he met this rather obscure Texas ranger captain on one of his trips over here and it's a marvelous piece," Johnson said.

The museum says they are hoping to have it on display for the public to see in about a month or so. 

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