State Farm reports January is the busiest month for burglaries in Texas

Posted at 7:01 PM, Jan 04, 2018
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According to State Farm, January is the busiest month for home break-ins in Texas. The insurance company also reports that Texas is one of the top five states when it comes to the most burglaries.

Central Texas News Now first introduced you to Dennis Pearce back in August, when police caught his repeat burglar.

Pearce said his home was broken into multiple times in a matter of six weeks.

"It makes you feel angry. It makes you feel violated," said Pearce. "We were broken into five times. Each time I would try to repair what the thieves broke to get into the house. They would find a way to defeat it and try another way to get in."

Pearce said the thieves stole money he was saving for a rainy day along with an inheritance left by his parents.

"Things that had sentimental value to them that can't be replaced," said Pearce. "It takes away something from you emotionally."

Sgt. Patrick Swanton with the Waco Police Department said the city doesn't typically see an increase in crime during the month of Jan. He said it ebbs and flows throughout the year, but it's important to stay vigilant at all times.

"It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, whether its cold or hot or summer or winter, you should always watch out for your property and your neighbors. Help us help you protect your stuff by doing the right thing," said Sgt. Swanton.

Aside from investing in a home security system, you can also take simpler steps to protect your belongings.

"Leave your lights on, on a timer and that way they come on and off at varying times, looks like somebody's moving through the house," said Sgt. Swanton. "Leave your TV on so there are flickering lights, makes a shadow, there's noise."

Pearce has now spent more than $1,000 on added security like cameras, storm proof windows and barrel bolts on his doors.

He hopes others learn from his experience, rather than risk becoming the next victim of a burglary.

"The police are really great to come out and assist you once the burglary happens, but they can't be everywhere at once so you have to protect yourself," said Pearce. "You have to be vigilant and burglar proof your homes these days. It's happening all over Waco."

Top Theft Claim Months in Texas

*Source: 2016 State Farm Claims

  1. Jan.: 708
  2. July: 668
  3. Dec.: 664

Top 5 states for Home Thefts (Annual Claims)

*Source: 2016 State Farm claims data 

  1. California - 12,412 claims
  2. Texas - 7,482 claims
  3. Illinois - 5,851 claims
  4. Georgia - 4,901 claims
  5. Ohio - 3,444 claims

Total: 83,903

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