Central Texas community releases balloons in honor of boy, father who died on hunting trip

Posted at 9:16 PM, Jan 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:05-04

A Central Texas community is remembering a young teenager, one of three family members to die from carbon monoxide poisoning on a hunting trip.

Thirteen-year-old Cody Glass died on the trip, along with his father and grandfather. 

"Anything like this is unbelievable, but when it's someone that you know, that you're fairly close to on a daily basis, it makes it even tougher," Rocky Reddehase, Cody's P.E. coach, said. 

"I can't even imagine what how Cody's mom and his grandma feel losing three generations at one time," Hailee Halford, Cody's friend who had the idea of a balloon release in his honor, said. 

Cody's classmates shared stories of him. 

"Cody is a sweetheart. He could make you smile when you need it. You can talk to him, even if you don't know him, and it'll feel like you have known him for years," Halford added. 

It's memories like those that led Hailee and dozens of Cody's other classmates to brave the cold weather in order to send balloons to him in Heaven. 

"Everybody likes balloons, and I just thought he'd like the balloons because he was a bright person and he loved smiling and laughing with other people," Halford said. "And I just thought having the community together would be nice for Cody because he loved everybody here and everybody here loved Cody... and we still do."

"He had a lot of friends. He was pleasant to be around, and it's our only chance to really say goodbye to him," Coach Reddehase added. 

Cody's classmates say they will continue to honor their friend by releasing balloons each year. 

"We'll never forget him. We'll remember him being here, and we'll remember the happy that we had," Halford added.  

"You raised a mighty fine son," Coach Reddehase said. 

Cody's friends say they take comfort knowing he's in God's hands and free from pain. 

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