Community teams up to get gifts, dinner for family in need

Posted at 5:23 PM, Dec 21, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:04-04

Bell County Constables and First National Bank of Killeen teamed up to grant one Central Texas family's Christmas wish.

"Our kids get to actually have a chance to have a good Christmas," Brett Rogers said.

The Rogers family of six has had a difficult year.

"I work two jobs, generally work about 80 hours a week. I don't get a chance to see my kids, see my wife and I don't get the chance to do a lot of stuff with them," Brett Rogers said. 

But, Thursday was different. Brett Rogers was able to celebrate a full Christmas with his family thanks to the Bell County Constables and First National Bank.

"Our Christmas tree went from one present under it to now you can't even see the floor," Claudia Rogers said. 

The First National Bank and the Bell County Constables decided they were going to give the family all the toys they wanted on their list - and then some.They also wanted to make sure the family was able to enjoy a big, classic Christmas dinner. 

The Rogers family was overwhelmed and simply couldn't stop thanking the constables and bank employees.

"To see that other people actually care that people are still out here trying, and they understand people still struggle and need just a little help, it has me speechless," Claudia added. 

Edd Melton, the Bell County Constable, said that he felt like they got more out of the event than the Rogers family. 

"I'm a praying man, so I had prayed and I asked God to help me find the right family and he did," A.J. Torres, a Deputy Constable for Bell County Constable Precinct 4, said. 

The family said they never expected their Christmas this year to end this way. 

"I didn't know how this Christmas was gonna go, and now it's full of smiles... and I just appreciate it," Claudia said.

Claudia Rogers wrote the Bell County Constables and First National Bank a letter expressing just how much it meant to her and her family that they were chosen this year. 

"I just wanna say, thank you for these gifts and Happy Holidays," Brett and Claudia's daughter said. 

The Constables said they are already looking forward to helping another family next year. 

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