Iraq and Syria work together to secure border from ISIS

Posted at 2:28 PM, Dec 18, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:04-04

After more than three years of fighting, Iraq's Prime Minister has declared the country completely liberated from ISIS. 

"Almost 7 million people have been liberated as we rest in here now, and you can feel it in Iraq. They feel they've been successful, they have a legitimate cause, and they believe that there will be unity in one Iraq," Lieutenant General Paul E. Funk II, the Commanding General of Operation Inherent Resolve, said. 

A worldwide effort has scattered ISIS and sent them running.

"These leaders or so-called leaders are running and hiding because now they know that the international coalition of over 70 nations and four organizations is hunting them around the globe," LTG Funk added. 

Now our troops will assist the Iraqi Security Force and Syrian Democratic Force. 

"Counter IED training... their IED problem is real. It is going to be a long time to solve. In one section alone of Raqqah, this evil enemy ISIS left 8,000 IEDs... that's just in one neighborhood," LTG Funk said.

But, despite the few pockets of ISIS fighters remaining, the two countries are beginning to look forward.

"The first thing to open in Raqqah were the schools. Five hundred schools are now open across Syria," LTG Funk added. 

Iraq and Syria have even agreed to work together. Recently, leaders from the Iraqi Security Force and Syrian Democratic Force met at the border to secure it so enemy fighters can no longer cross back and forth. 

"They didn't talk very much and didn't secure their borders before this. So, for them to meet, shake hands, decide where the post border posts are gonna go and how they're gonna secure it, is really historic," LTG Funk said.

The Iraqi Prime Minister has asked our troops to train the Iraqi Security Force on counter-terrorism, policing, border control and infrastructure protection as they begin to rebuild as one Iraq. 

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