Experts advise consumers to watch service providers after Net Neutrality repeal

Posted at 5:39 PM, Dec 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-18 10:42:25-05

Central Texas experts are speaking out about what the repeal of net neutrality rules means for how we use the internet.

Although the potential changes will take a few weeks to go into effect, some people in Central Texas have been worried their online experience will change significantly or their service will slow down altogether.

Andy Kroll is a lead instructor for the Cloud and Data Center Mangement program at Texas State Technical College. Kroll believes people should be more worried about long-term term effects of the new rules.

Peter Klein is a professor or entrepreneurship at Baylor, he said a lot of people are worried about the tighter rules as it relates to business, but the change could actually benefit consumers.

"The rules that have been repealed are removing some regulations that might have made it harder for I-S-P's to innovate and to compete. So I think rolling back and again it’s a very small role back, is probably good news for consumers and for businesses even in the short run but certainly in the long run,” Klein said.

With the new laws, it will not be illegal for service providers to slow down internet access when you view certain websites. But both experts advise people to stay informed with their current internet service providers - as the rules continue to change. 

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