Central Texas blogger shares tips on finding the best holiday gifts for children

Posted at 8:46 AM, Dec 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-13 11:02:12-05

A popular Central Texas blogger shares her list of some of the hottest toys this holiday season and gives tips on how to make shopping easier for the whole family. 

Stephanie Wolfe is also known as “The Vintage Modern Wife” online.  You’ll find her writing about her family, faith and fun things to do around Central Texas.

The toys on her list are all safe for children - this is an important issue to her because she is the mother of a special-needs child and is pregnant with her second child.

She also analyzes the toys because of her daughter’s disability. She said she has to make sure to research all the toys she buys for her daughter and knowing what toys are the best - and safest - fit for your child before shopping makes all the difference.

“It’s so important because moms don’t have much time to do anything and so, if you go to the store and you have a plan, you’re good to go.  You’re in, you’re out,” said Wolfe. 

Katy Smith, another Central Texas mom, was also there to give us some advice.  She has three kids including a special-needs 2-year-old boy.

“I definitely check reviews and see what other parents think about each toy,” Smith said.

Meg Watwood, a mother of four, also shared her advice on holiday shopping. She has a 12-year-old, 8-year-old twins and a 3-year-old who she brought along for the interview. 

“I try to do a lot of online shopping," Watwood said. "It’s easiest and fits in best with our lifestyle” 

She also has a strategy when it comes to hiding gifts from her kids. She gets them sent to her parent’s house or puts them in places she knows her kids will never look.

As for those Christmas gift recommendations for kids, Wolfe suggests toy block tape, hamsters in the house, the fidget cube, tangle and pillow pets. 

She believes they’re all great gifts for kids between the ages of 3-years-old to 10-years-old. 

All of the moms also said they like it when toys have been on their market for a while.  When that happens, there are plenty of reviews on them and doing research is easy.

“It is so wonderful whenever you have your kids wake up on Christmas morning, and they are so thankful for the toys that they got,” Wolfe said.

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