Gatesville ISD: Investigation into vague threat led to rampant rumors

Posted at 10:05 PM, Dec 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-12 12:17:59-05

A "vague message" brought forth by a student led to an investigation by Gatesville ISD. 

On Tuesday, the school said that a message was written in chalk in November that said "11-11." The message was recently smudged and rewritten to say "12-12, just wait".

The district posted on Facebook Monday evening about an unknown incident that occurred at Gatesville High School. The post, which was a letter sent to parents, said that a concerned student had brought the message to the attention of school officials. 

The message caused concern and backlash from parents on Facebook. 

"As a school district, we recognize parents’ rights and needs for accurate information about student safety. In no way/shape/form was GISD attempting to hide or cover-up any safety issue," Gatesville ISD said in a Facebook post on Tuesday. "In fact, if you recall, we were more specific about the scary clowns and a small (2") water gun over the last few years. There is balance in ensuring awareness about a situation and creating chaos. As always, we attempt to update Facebook with accurate information, but we will not get in a Facebook back in forth, as we would rather have a private conversation via phone or in person."

The school said that during their investigation into the validity of the threat, word spread among student about the report. The school added that this caused the threat to transform into a worst-case specific threat that someone was attempting to cause mass casualties. 

The message was found to not have any reliable information about any dangerous situation happening at the school. 

The school district said more policemen will be present at the high school on Tuesday morning. However, all things were normal Tuesday morning, according to the Facebook post.  

They also added that they applaud the students who came forward about the incident, and they said they take threats very seriously.

"Student safety is our primary concern, and we will continue to investigate reports as they arise," the district said. 

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