Free grocery delivery for spouses of deployed soldiers

Posted at 7:16 PM, Dec 08, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:20:04-04

A family owned and operated business out of Killeen is now offering a special deal to the spouses of deployed soldiers. 

Sgt. Carlos Linares and his wife Judy are co-owners of We Deliver Killeen.

"My first deployment we experienced difficulties and my wife had two kids and pregnant with the third baby. It was very difficult for her to move around, to do simple tasks like go to the grocery store," Sgt. Linares said.

And while their business is focused on picking up and delivering from restaurants, their personal experience with deployments gave them an idea of a way to give back to other military families. 

"We very much embrace our lifestyle," Kimber Tremper said. 

Tremper's husband, Spc. Benjamin Tremper, is currently serving our country overseas in Kuwait.  

"It's definitely hard going from a two parent home to a one parent home where one's thousands of miles away," Tremper added. 

So, to help her and other military spouses like her, We Deliver Killeen is now offering free pick up and delivery of groceries from HEB and Walmart's curbside service for spouses of deployed soldiers. 

"I've walked in their shoes. I've been there done that, and I want to offer my help because I know exactly how they feel," Mrs. Linares said. 

"They practice what they preach. They're a military family and they're making a difference, they're making an impact," Tremper said. 

Tremper says managing all the chores alone can be overwhelming but, says this free service will be a huge help.

"We feel supported not only from our soldier who's deployed but somebody locally who really does know what we're going through," Tremper added.

"And this service even is beneficial for those soldiers that are deployed. Now, they can go on one of the two websites, Walmart or HEB, and do the groceries and request the services and we deliver for free," Sgt. Linares added.

Signing up and making an account with We Deliver is completely free, and this is the first time they have offered the free grocery service for spouses of deployed soldiers. 

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