District attorney accused of withholding evidence in Twin Peaks' trials after recording surfaces

Posted at 4:14 PM, Dec 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-08 18:34:32-05

A new motion filed in McLennan County claims that McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna withheld evidence during the Twin Peaks' trial for Christopher Jacob Carrizal.

During a criminal trial, both the prosecution and the defense are required to release all evidence, and interviews – this process is called discovery.

The motion asks that during the next trial with Burton George Bergman, that the court determine if the prosecution withheld evidence and, if so, how much it withheld.

The claim said that Burton George Bergman, a biker accused in the Twin Peaks shootout, had recordings with the Texas Attorney General's liaison to the DA office, Christopher Lindsey.

Casie Gotro, the attorney for Christopher Jacob Carrizal, the biker whose trial ended in a mistrial in November, told Central Texas News Now over the phone that she was the one who spoke with Lindsey and recorded him making those allegations.

She said she released the recording to Bergman's attorney, Clint Broden, to make sure that "justice is done."

The motion said Lindsey is heard on the recordings saying the "McLennan County District Attorney's office is engaging in 'double dealing,' and 'hiding things,' that both the prosecution and the defense are supposed to know about. The motion said that in the recording Lindsey said Reyna "told them to 'hang onto evidence' that a Texas Ranger fully believed was covered by a judge's Twin Peaks' discovery order."

Central Texas News Now spoke with Reyna over the phone. He said that Lindsey had approached him about a month ago and apologized for his comments.

He then issued a statement to Central Texas News Now.

Mr. Lindsey approached me almost a month ago about his comments in this conversation and apologetically explained to me the context and reasoning behind his statements.  I can assure you that the District Attorney’s office and the Attorney General’s office are on the same page regarding this matter.  As for the subject matter of the motion, the D.A.’s office is not withholding any evidence.  There were items that were discovered during the Carrizal trial that were sealed and placed under protective order.  Judge Johnson will address those matters on a case by case basis.  For Mr. Bergman’s case, it will be addressed January 5.

-Statement issued by Abel Reyna

Gotro told Central Texas News Now that she thinks the state is withholding evidence because it hurts the case. When more evidence came out during Christopher Jacob Carrizal's trial, Gotro said, "Everything discovered in mid-trail undermined the state's case."

Gotro went on to say she thinks the recording speaks for itself and that the motion needs to be pursued.

Read the full motion below. 

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