Itasca police officer caught on camera in road rage incident

Posted at 6:29 PM, Dec 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-06 19:55:13-05

Video of an Itasca police officer involved in a road rage incident has thousands of views on YouTube. The incident occurred on Nov. 15 in Grandview.

"I opened it and watched it and pretty much the first part of the video, I knew it wasn't good," said Itasca Police Chief Winson Brewer.

Chief Brewer said he's disappointed after seeing what more than 7,000 people have already watched online. 

One of the Itasca Police Department's own, Lt. George Willoughby, was caught in a heated swearing match with a man he pulled over while he was off-duty.

Another Itasca officer arrived on scene shortly after things cooled down. According to that officer's report, the altercation started from road rage when the driver, Joe Barr, began flashing his high beams at Willoughby.

"I try to talk to them every day and tell them when we're dealing with people, we need to treat them right because when we don't, we're the ones that look bad," said Chief Brewer.

Willoughby decided to resign once the video surfaced.

"He had made the department look bad," said Chief Brewer. "I don't tolerate that."

While Chief Brewer believes the right decision was made, he wants people to know that Willoughby is a good guy who simply had a bad day.

"He had been here six and a half years and we hadn't had any incidents like this," said Chief Brewer. "He has no reprimands in his file."

Chief Brewer said he's not sure if Willoughby plans to join another department at this time.

Central Texas News Now reached out to Willoughby for comment and never heard back. Barr was passing through Central Texas and does not live in the area. 

To watch the full video on YouTube, click here.

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