Mechanics warn drivers to winterize vehicles due to cold temperatures

Posted at 5:27 PM, Dec 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-05 18:43:00-05

When it comes to a temperature drop your body isn't the only thing that can be damaged due to cold weather, that’s why mechanics are urging everyone to start winterizing their vehicles, to make sure their cars are safe and reliable on the road.

First, they suggest people test the battery to make sure it’s in good shape. Then make sure the windshield wipers are up to date.

Although the battery can’t freeze Dave Derosier, the general manager at Freddie Kish’s Complete Car Care, said a temperature drop can shock it.

“A lot of times the batteries will not perform properly after a cold snap. Also, the wiper blades are another overlooked item that needs to be replaced a lot of times on cars before winter time comes,” Derosier said.

Next, they encourage drivers not to forget about the cooling system because improper levels or dirty coolant can cause major damage to the engine.

“If it gets below freezing, it can damage the engine, it can crack components in the engine where people could suffer some very costly repairs on the engine,” Derosier said.

Lastly, experts said its utterly important to make sure the tire pressure is at the right level. Because when the temperature drops outside, so does the pressure of tires.

“For every 10 degrees of ambient temperature, the tire pressure drops by 2 %,” Derosier said.

When the pressures get too low, the car will not function properly and this can cause tires to overheat or even enhance tire failure. Therefore, mechanics urge all drivers to pay attention to warning lights on the dash board because they’re there to help people stay safe.

Mechanics also say newer vehicles are more sensitive to tire pressure dropping but it's important to get the levels checked at least once a month.

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