Police look for suspect who stripped trucks of expensive parts

Posted at 3:59 PM, Dec 05, 2017

A Central Texas trucking company is out thousands of dollars after thieves stole expensive pieces of equipment from some of its trucks.

On Sunday afternoon, McGuire Transportation management discovered 31 of their trucks wouldn't start because the ECM's, or electronic control modules, had been stolen right out from under the hoods of their trucks.

Thirty-one trucks...all missing a key part required to start the engine.

"These only fit Detroit diesels, which is the make of the motor. They come off freight-liner trucks, and they are all the older, 2007 and older, are the ones that they took," Phil McGuire, President of McGuire Transportation, said. 

To replace just one ECM costs roughly $2,500.

"And when talking with some other people, those are the easiest ones to get. They can have those off in just a matter of a few minutes actually if they know what they're doing," McGuire added. 

The thieves cut a hole in the fence and slid right through knowing they'd be shielded from the security cameras by the very trucks they were stealing from.

But, McGuire Transportation, which delivers household goods and dry grocery products throughout the state, wasn't the only business that felt the repercussion of this large theft.

"Well, there were a lot of loads that did not go yesterday, a lot of deliveries that were to be made, a lot of drivers that were supposed to work that didn't get to work, a lot of customers that were a little upset that their freight didn't go," McGuire said.   

McGuire reached out to the Belton Police Department immediately and filed a report.

"We are actively investigating the crime. We have processed the crime scene, and we are contacting other areas' agencies making sure that they could potentially be a victim as well," Sgt. Kim Hamilton with the Belton Police Department said. 

Overall, McGuire estimates this theft to cost the company anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000. 

"I want these people punished. Nobody deserves to do that, they don't deserve to do that and get away with it," McGuire added. 

McGuire is offering a reward to anyone with information about the theft of the ECMs and added decisions are being made about the increased security of some fashion at the truck yards so something like this doesn't happen again.

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