Puppy found in trash can with ears cut off making strong recovery

Posted: 2:20 PM, Nov 30, 2017
Updated: 2017-12-04 23:27:22Z
Puppy found in trash can with ears cut off making strong recovery
Puppy found in trash can with ears cut off making strong recovery
Puppy found in trash can with ears cut off making strong recovery

The Corsicana Police Department said they are looking for the person responsible for throwing a puppy in the trash can. 

On Nov. 27, a citizen named Marc Speed went to the Corsicana Veterinary Clinic holding the puppy in bad condition. 

Speed was driving near a school when he saw a boy walking by a residential trash can. The boy stopped by the trash can because he heard something and when he opened the bin he found the puppy. 

The puppy's ears had been cut off and badly infected. She was also infested with fleas and extremely hungry. 

"We gave her two baths that day and the fleas just kept coming off of her," said McKenzie Rash, practice manager at the CVC.

Rash said they named the puppy Collins since she was found on Collins Street. 

"We see dogs all the time that are sick or need our help, but none that have ever been intentionally hurt or thrown away," said Rash. "That's what was hard about it because she was thrown away on trash day."

Collins was in bad shape when she arrived at CVC, but it didn't take long for her to bounce back. She even went viral after the staff made a post about her on Facebook

Rash said there are now at least 50 potential adopters across the country who are interested in giving Collins a forever home. 

"It's overwhelming when you see how many people want to help her and how many people actually cared to share it," said Rash. "Even just sharing something tells people that we're not going to stand for something like this in our county."

Corsicana Police Chief Robert Johnson agrees.

"Tears at your heart," said Chief Johnson. "If you can hurt something that looks like, you know, this little puppy that's looking at you with trust in their eyes, you can definitely do that to a human."

Chief Johnson said the tips have been coming in and that they're already working to find the person responsible. He said this person could be charged with animal cruelty, neglect and abandonment. 

Until then, Collins is patiently waiting to be adopted. The CVC plans to hold her for a few weeks so that she can recover, receive proper vaccinations and be spayed.

"They're animals and even if she wasn't wanted you could've found her a home," said Rash. "Don't just throw her in the trash can."

The CVC is also accepting donations to cover the cost of her care. They're also accepting new toys for Collins to play with while she recovers.

If anyone has any information about who might have done this is asked to call Corsicana Police Department. 

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