Paramedic hit by drunk driver to have leg amputated

Posted at 10:37 AM, Nov 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-29 11:38:02-05

The paramedic who was hit by a drunk driver in August will have his leg amputated as a result of his injuries, his wife said.

Rory Borros underwent at least fourteen surgeries in two months and will have his lower left leg amputated on Monday. 

"He has had minimal movement in that lower leg and minimal sensation," Amy Borros said on Facebook. "His knee remains the main source of his continuous pain. When it comes down to it, Rory would most likely end up wheelchair bound and on massive amounts of narcotics for the rest of his life if we keep the leg."

Amy said they are focused on his quality of life and without amputation, Rory would not be able to return to work.

"By amputation, the possibilities are just as endless as they would have been before he was injured initially," she said.


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