Fort Hood museum is on track for 2018 groundbreaking

Posted at 9:38 PM, Nov 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-28 22:43:38-05

The National Mounted Warfare Foundation was established with one goal in 2011: to plan, fundraise and build a museum.

"The point of this museum is to honor all of the soldiers and units that serve and have served on Fort Hood since it was founded in 1942," Foundation Vice President Bob Crouch said.

The $37 million dollar National Mounted Warrior Museum is tentatively scheduled to break ground on Fort Hood in the spring of 2018, but that depends on whether or not they raise the funds in time. With a recent $2 million dollar donation and about $28 million already in the bank, it looks like they well on their way. 

"We have got about $9 million left to raise and that's our primary effort right now is kind of closing out that fundraising," Crouch said.

Once the fundraising ends and the ground is broken, the dream of this museum will be history and the reality will set in.

"Our story will start back in the 1830's when we start talking about the origin of Mounted Combat in the United States Army and so we will really start back then and go forward by decade from the 1940's to today," Crouch added.

The foundation said, not only will this provide a place for people to look at Fort Hood's history, but it will provide yet another tool for training.

"One of the key pieces of an army museum is training and training the soldiers on Fort hood so when they show up to in-process they come into the museum and learn the heritage and history of not just their unit, but Fort hood," Crouch said.

The museum is currently expected to have its doors open in late 2020.

In the meantime, the foundation has events planned to help them raise the rest of the money and they have a donation page on their website.

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