tree price hike due to the nationwide shortage.

">tree price hike due to the nationwide shortage.



CTX tree farms affected by nationwide tree shortage

Posted at 5:40 PM, Nov 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-28 18:49:29-05

Local Christmas tree farms are getting ready for the holiday rush, and they are adjusting to deal with the tree price hike due to the nationwide shortage.

Kenneth Radde, the owner of Radde Tannenbaum Farm, said that each year they open the doors the day after Thanksgiving with different tree options for families to choose from. However, this year, due to the shortage of trees produced around the country, it has slightly impacted the different types of trees they often bring in.

“Some of those areas have had bad growing conditions for the past several years. We actually had to pay more for the trees we brought in,” Radde said.

Radde said the preparation behind planting and growing the perfect tree can take a minimum of five years to complete. 

"They require cultivation, weed control, some insect control and disease control,” Radde said.

The Radde family in Bosque County has been doing this process for more than three decades.

Radde also said when families take a tree home to begin their holiday traditions, they're getting more than what meets the eye.

“The real tree is going to be producing oxygen you're not going to see that of course on an artificial tree,” Radde said. 

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