Dog gets new life thanks to CTX rescuers

Posted at 9:39 PM, Nov 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-19 22:57:57-05

Mr. Kapono, a 12-year-old boxer that is getting a second chance at life after he was rescued by Legacy Boxer Rescue from a field where they believe he was dumped.

"They said we aren't euthanizing him, he is fighting he is trying and we are going to try with him and that Saturday is when we went and picked him up," Foster Mom, Lexi Hickingbottom said.

Hickingbottom and her boyfriend Demetri Haskell picked up Kapono from the Austin Boxer Rescue and opened their door in early Nov. and they say Mr. Kapono was the paw-fect addition to their fur family.

"I was like 'that's it, he's not leaving my house, he is going to heal here, he is going to live out his last few months or weeks or years here and he is going to be happy. He is going to have a family," Hickingbottom said.

The sweet rescue pup has an injured left leg in addition to a lot of scars and he is very thin, but his new parents say he is getting better every day.

"I never would have thought that looking at a dog like this that I could love something so much, but now if I even think about anything happening to him... I cry. He's an angel," Hickingbottom said.

And though this angel was blessed with a new beginning, he represents so many others that weren't.

"There are so many others just like him. There is a countless amount of dogs out there that are homeless or that are strays or that are being neglected and they are fighting..." Hickingbottom said. "That's why rescue is so important and that's why shelters are so important, I mean these dogs are amazing..."

The couple said the sweet pup's name Kapono is Hawaiian and it means the good or the wise one.

Hickingbottom says even if you can't open your home, there are ways you can help these fur babies and that's by donating to local rescues.

Kapono has a long way to go before he is healed and you can follow his story here.

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