Baylor's Cox unable to make the UCLA road trip

Posted at 8:48 PM, Nov 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-18 21:48:33-05

Statement from Baylor: Lauren Cox was unable to make the UCLA road trip after developing a complication of her Diabetes Mellitus, which required a brief hospitalization. The complication is called diabetic ketoacidosis, a buildup of acids in the blood. Ketoacidosis happens when the body does not have enough insulin.

Her condition was caused by strep throat and associated symptoms, including dehydration, nausea and vomiting. This had a rapid onset and was quickly addressed by Baylor's team physicians, who along with the help of her family help Lauren manage her Diabetes Mellitus.

Lauren has been discharged from the hospital and is in good condition. She is with her family resting and should be able to return to normal activities soon. Her official status is listed as day-to-day.