Investigation finds corruption, intimidation at Temple VA campus

Posted at 3:49 PM, Nov 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-20 15:00:18-05

Veteran's in the work program at the Department of Veterans Affairs at the Temple campus had complained about being assigned to the motor pool for years according to the Austin Statesman. 

Several veterans that were undergoing drug and alcohol treatment complained that the boss of the unit had subjected them to verbal abuse. 

Other complaints were of possible items from the VA being stolen after items such as lawnmowers and expensive tools disappeared. 

Veterans said assignments sometimes took them off the VA campus in Temple and to the homes of high-ranking VA officials, where they said they were ordered to work.

The administration took no action even after the complaints were filed. 

After veterans had submitted about 50 grievances over a decade, the Central Texas VA finally launched an internal investigation into the motor pool.

In August, the three-person administrative board confirmed much of what the veterans had alleged.

Congressman John Carter said that he was shocked and outraged to hear about the allegations.

“Our military men and women have bravely served our nation, and I expect the VA system to provide the very best care when they return to civilian life. I am encouraged by Central Texas VA Health Care System Director Christopher Sandles’ strong condemnation of the behavior by these employees, including his comment that a “day of reckoning” has come for those employees that have mistreated veterans. I look forward to working with Director Sandles’ to ensure that our veterans are receiving the highest quality care at the Central Texas VA.”

John Carter released his letter to the Department of Veteran Affairs where he requests to see a comprehensive final report of the investigation.

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